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Diving on Vancouver Island

  • Sink or swim Scuba lessons

When you like to dive, you dive a lot. We like to dive, our instructors and dive masters like to dive, a lot of our divers like to dive. We have weekly dives but we also like to celebrate holidays with a dive.

New Year’s Day,Valentine’s Day,St Patrick’s Day,Easter Sunday,Victoria Day,Canada Day… You get the picture, the list goes on and on.

We’ve dived in Costume for Halloween, tied Canadian Flags to our gear for Canada Day, dived on Christmas eve and Boxing day, had underwater picnics, dived in rivers, done beach clean ups and even created a dive related poker game that draws more divers than any other dive event in Nanaimo! We go up and down island diving, we go on tropical dive trips. About the only dive we haven’t done is a midnight dive on New Year’s Eve – maybe one day, somewhere warm and tropical.

Dive, dive dive.  While enjoying diving , stay at Long Lake Waterfront B&B 

Feel like going for a dive?  Sink or Swim Scuba 877-658-7946

A short drive from our Nanaimo B&B...

  • Underwater kiss !
  • Swimming with the seals at Snake Island Nanaimo BC
  • Winking seal at Snake Island Nanaimo BC