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Mountain biking in Nanaimo BC Vancouver Island

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This trail is within the city of Nanaimo. The Ultimate Abyss takes its name from a huge fissure in the volcanic rock making up the ridge on which the trail travels. High above the Harewood Plains, the trail repeatedly crosses over this 10-20 cm (8-11 inches) opening. Mixing a high level of technical challenge with some exquisite views, this 4.72 km (2.83 miles) one-way ride offers equal potential as a quiet hike.

Parkway Trail
The backbone for Nanaimo's trail system, provides 20 kilometers of paved multi-use trail way through Nanaimo. With convenient access points, route maps and distance markers, the Parkway Trial lets you navigate to all of your favorite destinations in Nanaimo.

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Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in British Columbia

We are often used as a destination spot to relax and have waterfront fun. Many guests also use our Nanaimo Bed and Breakfast as a base for their day trips to various cities and activities on Vancouver Island. Nanaimo, Vancouver Island's harbour city, is a bustling active place with over 200 parks, a 5 km Harbourside Walkway, world class diving, kayaking, and bird watching with over 250 species locally. Being honest, warm and calm, we have always enjoyed meeting other people and creating new friendships. We have received awards from TripAdvisor, Booking.com and other travel institutions for successive years.